Justice statue with passports against map depicting overseas IRS noticesJustice statue with passports against map depicting overseas IRS notices

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My Tax IRIS.  Do not miss another IRS letter or deadline!

With a My Tax IRIS subscription, we INTAKE + RELAY + INFORM you about IRS notices and letters.

My Tax IRIS is a simple, cost-effective way to help ensure that you do not miss a notice or letter from the IRS. And when they do send you a notice, we will explain it to you in plain English!

If you want an “extra set of eyes” to receive and review correspondence from the IRS, this service can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

When you sign up for My Tax IRIS, Lapekas Law, P.A. will obtain authorization to receive copies of letters and notices that the IRS sends to you. We will intake the IRS correspondence on your behalf, forward it to you electronically, and provide a clear explanation of what the letter means, whether you must respond to the letter, and the consequences of failing to respond to the letter.

Americans that travel, live or work overseas, or move frequently, can easily miss important letters from the IRS. If you do, you are at a high risk of failing to timely respond and thus lose your rights to appeal IRS decisions or collection actions. In short, missing a letter from the IRS can lead to harsh consequences. You cannot afford to miss a letter, respond beyond a due date, or receive an IRS letter that you do not understand and thus fail to respond appropriately.

It’s Affordable and Easy to Sign up!

A My Tax IRIS subscription is $195/year or $25/month.

Who is My Tax IRIS for?

My Tax IRIS is tailored for U.S. individuals and companies who want the comfort of knowing that a reputable company is receiving copies of IRS correspondence and notifying and explaining to them the contents of such correspondence.

In most situations, the IRS is required to send written notices of audits and collections before it proposes large increases in tax and penalties and before it levies a taxpayer’s bank account or garnishes their wages. The taxpayer has a limited time to respond to prevent the additional tax from being assessed or their wages/bank accounts being levied, regardless of whether they actually receive the notice!

This means that if you are traveling when the IRS mails the notice, or you were living abroad and the notice got lost or took months to reach you, as long as the IRS can show they sent that notice to your last known address, whether you actually received it in time to respond is irrelevant.

My Tax IRIS is especially good for U.S. individuals or companies that:

  • Live abroad.
  • Travel or move frequently.
  • Want the peace of mind of knowing that when an IRS letter arrives, they will know whether and by when, they need to act.
  • Received frequent letters from the IRS.
  • Have received mail that they are not sure is from the IRS. (If an IRS lien has been filed against you, your address is public. You may receive letters from people trying to prey on your fear of the IRS.)
  • Have piles of mail from the IRS they are too afraid to open!

How Does it Work?

When you sign up, we will verify your identity and obtain information from you to complete a Form 8821 Tax Information Authorization. When this Form is complete and properly executed, we will file it with the IRS.

As long as the Form 8821 is on file with the IRS, the IRS will send us copies of correspondence they send to you. When we receive this correspondence, we will scan it and send an email to you that explains (in plain English!)

  • What the notice or letter means.
  • Whether the notice or letter requires a response.
  • Ways you may respond to the letter.

What My Tax IRIS is NOT

  • An attorney-client relationship.
    My Tax IRIS does not provide legal advice or representation as part of the service. We will, however, provide a simple, easy-to-understand explanation of all IRS correspondence we receive on your behalf during your subscription period and suggest when it would be advisable to consult an attorney. We cannot speak to the IRS on your behalf and we are not liable for your failure to comply with your tax filing or payment obligations.
  • An accounting service.
    We do not prepare or file returns or forms on your behalf.
  • A guarantee that we will receive every letter or notice that the IRS mails.
    We cannot guarantee that the IRS will send us copies of everything (though they should) or that the United States Postal Service is infallible.

Withdrawing Services

You may request that we withdraw the Form 8821. If we withdraw the Form 8821 upon your request no refunds or credits can be given for the time remaining in your subscription period.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept a subscription or withdraw the Form 8821.

In the case that we decide to withdraw the Form 8821 filed on your behalf before the end of the yearly or monthly period, we will refund you the amount of your last payment (the yearly or monthly installment, whichever is greater).