Woman on phone getting IRS tax help/relief from miami IRS tax specialty lawyerWoman on phone getting IRS tax help/relief from miami IRS tax specialty lawyer

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An initial consultation with a tax attorney can save you sleepless nights and may help you avoid making an irreversible mistake in dealing with the IRS. It is an opportunity to discuss a question you have concerning an IRS matter. As a result of the consultation, you should have a better idea as to whether you need to hire an attorney, and if so, whether we are the right attorneys for your situation. If we do not believe we are, we will tell you!

You are likely inundated with TV or radio advertisements promising to solve your IRS problems for “pennies on the dollar.” Your mailbox may be full of letters that try to motivate you by instilling fear and uncertainty surrounding the IRS. They often create unreasonable fears or make undeliverable promises. We will not.

An initial consultation with us is not a sales pitch. And that is why it is not free. Our principal attorney, Karen Lapekas, founded Lapekas Law with a vision: to bring peace of mind to people that lose sleep over the IRS. She believes that as a tax lawyer she can bring people peace of mind on IRS matters through (1) Education (e.g. What is the law and what can/cannot the IRS do?); and (2) Transparency (e.g. in billing, communications, and creating realistic expectations). The IRS may seem like an enigma, but the attorney you talk to should not.

However, understand that the initial consultation is either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. It is impossible to fully assess a matter within this limited time or with the amount of information that we will have. So the purpose of an initial consultation is NOT to provide a definitive legal opinion. And though the consultation and communications exchanged prior to the consultation are confidential and subject to the attorney-client privilege, an attorney-client relationship is not established as a result. An attorney-client relationship is only established if you decide to engage Lapekas Law, P.A. under a formal Engagement Agreement.

For $350 (30 minutes) or $550 (60 minutes) by either phone or Zoom, we can:

• Review your IRS notice;

• Assess your options;

• Discuss ways you might resolve the issue yourself, or how we might handle your case.

How you use the initial consultation is up to you!

Many times, it takes only one call to avoid expensive, protracted litigation. But if your income or assets are at stake, early guidance is your best move.

It’s As Easy as 1,2,3…

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Cancellation policy:

We realize life is unpredictable. If you need to reschedule, given a 24 hour notice, we will issue a refund. However, if you cancel without notice, we are not able to refund payment as we have scheduled staff to assist you.

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